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Who We Are

People Making It Count

A band of creatives, change-makers, and social shakers charged with a monumental task: tapping into our country's creative talent in order to ensure that Census 2020 is representative of our increasingly diverse and growing population.

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Why It Matters

A Voice for All

The Census--a Constitutionally-mandated counting of every U.S. resident, taking place once every decade--is one of the most consequential pillars of U.S. democracy. It provides the information upon which countless decisions are made. For example, it determines the number of seats each state gains or loses in the U.S. House of Representatives, and it's used to distribute over $675 billion of federal funds every year.

To get a complete and accurate count, we need to get the word out. That's where you come in. We need your posters, memes, videos, articles, images--content that can broaden and amplify our communication efforts by sending the right message, in multiple languages, to Americans everywhere (and particularly hard-to-count-communities). We want people to know and get excited about Census 2020, so that the count goes up, and representation goes with it.

Feeling Creative?Let's Do This.

Check out our NEW virtual create-a-thon toolkit! Work with your community to create compelling digital assets to promote the importance of the census. Consider hosting your own create-a-thon today. Engaging and accurate content is needed now more than ever


Virtual Toolkit

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